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Astros’ Shocking Move: Blake Taylor and Joe Perez Released! How This Changes the Fantasy Game Overnight!

The Houston Astros have made a shocking and unexpected move by releasing reliever Blake Taylor and infielder Joe Perez. This decision has not only impacted the Astros’ roster but has also sent waves through the world of MLB and fantasy leagues. In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll explore the details of this release, the players’ performances, and the potential ramifications on fantasy leagues.

Background of the Release

The Astros’ decision to release both Taylor and Perez came after they cleared outright waivers. Rather than retaining them at Triple-A Sugar Land, Houston decided to part ways, signaling a significant shift in their roster strategy.

Overview of Blake Taylor and Joe Perez

Blake Taylor, a reliever with a mixed track record, and Joe Perez, a young player with unfulfilled potential, have faced challenges this season. Their release opens up new questions and opportunities.

Blake Taylor’s Journey with the Astros

Major League Performances

Taylor’s major league career with the Astros spans 92 appearances between 2020-22, where he worked to a respectable 3.06 ERA through 79 1/3 innings. However, his strikeout rate of 19.1% and walk percentage of 12.6% were not particularly impressive, leading to his relegation to low-leverage work.

2023 Season at Triple-A Sugar Land

Taylor’s 2023 season at Triple-A Sugar Land was marked by struggles. His performance at Triple-A was marked by a 5.15 ERA across 36 2/3 innings, accompanied by a troubling walk rate exceeding 13%, contrasted with a rather unimpressive 14.9% strikeout rate. These numbers were a significant drop from his previous performances.

Impact on Fantasy Leagues

Taylor’s declining performance might have already diminished his value in fantasy leagues. His release may not come as a shock to seasoned fantasy owners, but it does raise questions about the Astros’ bullpen strategy.

Joe Perez’s Potential and Struggles

Major League Debut

Perez, a 23-year-old former second-round pick, made one major league appearance as a pinch-hitter. His brief stint in the majors was not enough to showcase his abilities.

Triple-A Performance

His Triple-A stats show a below-average .255/.328/.399 slash over 357 plate appearances this year, with a high 27.2% strikeout rate. Though credited with promising raw power, Perez has struggled with swing-and-miss concerns.

Fantasy Implications

Perez’s potential power could have made him a sleeper pick in fantasy leagues. His release might disappoint those who saw potential in his raw abilities, and it raises questions about the Astros’ development strategy.

Astros’ Roster Strategy

Reasons Behind the Release

The release of both players indicates a shift in focus by the Astros, possibly towards strengthening other areas. It may also signal a lack of confidence in Taylor’s ability to rebound and Perez’s ability to develop.

Acquiring Jake Cousins

Taylor lost his roster spot when Houston acquired Jake Cousins off waivers from Milwaukee. This acquisition may indicate a strategic move to bolster the bullpen with more reliable options.

Future Roster Plans

The Astros’ future roster plans may include focusing on other pitching prospects or a shift in their developmental approach. The release of Taylor and Perez could be part of a broader strategy to reshape the team’s dynamics.

Opportunities for Other Players

Potential Beneficiaries

The release of Taylor and Perez might open doors for other players in the Astros’ system. Emerging talents may get a chance to prove themselves at the major league level.

New Fantasy Opportunities

Fantasy owners should keep an eye on emerging players who may benefit from this release. New opportunities in fantasy leagues could arise, and savvy owners may find value in unexpected places.


The release of Blake Taylor and Joe Perez by the Houston Astros is a significant move with multifaceted implications. While Taylor’s release may not be surprising given his recent performance, Perez’s release might be a missed opportunity for those who saw potential in his raw power. The Astros’ roster strategy, the opportunities for other players, and the potential impact on fantasy leagues are all aspects that warrant close attention.

Summary of the Impact on Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy owners should consider the potential impact of these releases on their leagues. Adjusting strategies and staying alert to new opportunities will be key to navigating this unexpected move.

Astros’ Future Outlook

The Astros’ future outlook appears to be focused on strengthening specific areas, and this release may be a part of a broader strategy. How this plays out in the coming months will be intriguing to watch.

Final Thoughts for Fantasy Owners

Fantasy owners should stay alert to the Astros’ moves and the potential emergence of new players who could become valuable assets in fantasy leagues. Staying ahead of the curve and adapting to changes will be essential for success.

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